About GSS Commerce

GSS Commerce offers comprehensive supply chain and distribution channel solutions for the leading companies in the retail industry, GSS primarily focuses on watches, cosmetics, sunglasses and accessories in luxury consumer segment. With its result-oriented, simple business tools and genuine business model, GSS offers its business partners a smooth international trade experience.
GSS was commercially established as GSS Marketing and Foreign Trade Inc. In addition to traditional business methods, GSS founded a distribution and supply network as global standard. The business focus of GSS is the international distribution channel management.

With offices in Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro, Dubai and Guangzhou, GSS serves the leading online and conventional retailers of the sector. GSS together with its competent team, is one of the foremost companies in marketing and trade sector, representing nationally and internationally well known brands, a wide product spectrum and a broad distrubution chanel.

“Within GSS Guarantee”

We work for our products to reach our customers under the most perfect conditions. We cooperate with the sales points that present these conditions in the best way for our customers.
We try to guarantee your satisfaction with 4 points for our products we offer under “GSS Assurance”.

  • Fast Delivery: With this guarantee, we aim to satisfy our customers who shop especially through our partners’ online systems. From the moment we receive your order via our partners, we strive for you to get your product in the fastest way. You may think that a product under GSS Guarantee is the product that will reach you fastest.
  • Smooth Returns: You should know that you can return products sold under the “GSS Assurance” label without any problem in case of a change of opinion or any dissatisfaction. No matter where you purchase our products, the products under “GSS Guarantee” will not create a grievance for you.
  • Right Partners: As Gss, we opt for our business partners whose contributions to the customer’s shopping experience is the most. Our partners and us working to further your shopping experience.
  • Global Brands: It is our priority to establish the necessary basis for you to take complete pleasure of your favourite brands and to present to you the current collections of your favourite brand at the same time as the world.