Under the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698, as the “Data Supervisor”, Gss Marketing and Foreign Trade Inc. (hereinafter referred to as GSS) will process the personal data and the additional information, as required by the legal regulations, within the scope of the relevant legislation in the field of marketing and sales of Electronic Portable Devices, to provide simply the best services and products. With the thoughtfulness of our company on this issue, the provision of notifying of the collection, use and sharing of this personal data with third parties is required to provide you a better service.

Persons or institutions whom such personal data can be transferred to are institutions and organizations permitted by the Commercial Code and other relevant legislation, and the relevant ministries, the product manufacturer that imported and sold, technical and maintenance service provider, importer, distributor, licensed public legal entities and individuals under the legal legislation, the institutions that have a dominant-affiliate relationship with us, our domestic and foreign partners, companies we cooperate with and supply, the companies or corporations we are partner with, and our employees. Our employees will be able to use and process this data within the framework of law and confidentiality. The data will be processed only for the period required by our sales, maintenance and service activities and will be deleted when you are not affiliated with our institution and there is no reasonable or legal requirement or compliance.

GSS can obtain personal data, including special qualified data, from all kinds of written, verbal and electronic media, third parties and legal authorities within the scope of the Electronic portable device marketing and sales activities it offers to you; and can share with group companies, service providers with whom it has signed a contract, assistance companies, third parties and their dealers with whom it has worked as a partner brand, and other persons and private or public institutions organizations permitted by legal regulations where sharing is required to provide marketing and sales services, within the framework of the principles stipulated by the relevant legislation.

Copyright Notice

  • Copyright infringement is against the law. All the information, documents, photos, videos, images, text and similar content on our web pages cannot be used without consent. All Rights Reserved.
  • All content on our web pages, which are works under the legislation (Law 5846 m.1 / B-a), are within the scope of international law principles and protected by the “Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works No. 5846”.
  • The content on our website cannot be used, copied, reproduced and published for commercial purposes under any circumstances.
  • For those who do not comply with or who act contrary to the abovementioned conditions, legal and criminal proceedings shall follow within the scope of Law No. 5846.

Privacy Policy

We pay careful attention to keep your information confidential. This privacy policy is prepared so that you clearly understand how this website works and how your personal information is used. Our Privacy Policy is quite clear: We do not collect any Personally Identifiable Information on our website without your consent. By Personally Identifiable Information, we refer to the information that specifically identifies an individual. This privacy statement explains the circumstances under which we collect and use personal information, how you want us to use the information you provide, and how we protect the provided information. As stated in this Privacy Policy, by using this website you have already consented to collecting and using of your provided information. Please note that this Privacy Policy applies only to online activities.

Type of Collected Information

When entering our website, we may collect and store the information you choose to voluntarily provide, including your Personally Identifiable Information. For this, we must have your permission. Our purpose in collecting and processing your Personally Identifiable Information is to furnish the required services, to customize products information and suggestions to your needs, and to provide further information about our other products and services that may interest you. The areas where we collect the information for these purposes are clearly indicated. When personal information is required to access the features or services here, we explicitly indicate how we use them. We will not sell, trade or rent your Personally Identifiable Information to other parties. However, we may share your Personally Identifiable Information with other GSS Marketing and Foreign Trade Inc. businesses or affiliates, dealers, contractors or business partners whom provide services to us. For example; your Personally Identifiable Information may be shared (i) with contractors we use to support our business (eg. supporters for services, technical support, providers of transportation services, financing organizations), (ii) in relation to the sale or transfer of a portion of this site relevant to this information, or transfer of this site in another way, (iii) due to the laws, court orders or government regulations. Also, since we research user profiles, interests and behaviours based on the information provided to us during the use of our websites, we may combine your information with others to produce anonymous, total and statistical data. This data does not contain Personally Identifiable Information. We can use this data for statistical purposes to improve the content of our websites, such as the percentage of male and female visitors or the percentage of visitors in a particular age group. We may share this anonymous, total and statistical information, which do not identify private individuals or combine private individuals with disturbance or conditions, with partners or other third parties.

Term of Use

By entering this site and/or continuing your access or use of any goods and/or services on this site, you are deemed to have accepted the “Terms of Use” of this site. GSS Marketing and Foreign Trade Inc. (hereinafter referred to as GSS) reserves the right to change, remove or add to this site and/or its contents at any time without prior notification. These changes and their terms of use take effect as soon as they are made unless otherwise stated. The GSS statement in this text refers to the website that forms the basis for the promotion of a marketing and sales institution and all the real or legal persons who are its owners and operators whose main field of activity is fashion products such as watches, glasses, perfumes, bags.

General Principles

You can visit GSS website as often as you wish as a user/visitor without specifying your personal information. GSS is not legally, criminally and/or personally responsible for usage of any content on websites other than GSS, including articles, information, comments, news, images that visitors of GSS website may have published on the site or those who participate in comment platforms, companies that provide advertising and sponsorship, GSS logo and the home page and its sub-section, information and comments obtained through the use of any content uploaded and published on the servers of GSS; unless it is in its responsibility and authority under the general practices of the internet environment.

No one can be humiliated and condemned on GSS pages because of their race, gender, social status, cultural structure, language, religious beliefs, health problems or physical disabilities and similar personal characteristics. Broadcasts/comments that are beyond the boundaries of criticism, which undermine the political views, family institution and social moral rules cannot be included. No publication restricting freedom of thought, conscience and expression can be made on GSS pages.

Under law No. 5651 on the Regulation of the Broadcasts Made on the Internet and Combating Crimes Committed Through These Publications and under Turkish Criminal Law No. 5237 dated 26/9/2004; no broadcasts/comments can be made on GSS pages referring to suicide (article 84), sexual abuse of children (article 103, first clause), facilitating the use of drugs or stimulants (article 190), supplying substances hazardous for health (article 194), obscenity (article 226), Prostitution ( article 227), providing space and opportunity for gambling (article 228), and any content that will constitute the crimes in the Law on Crimes Against Atatürk numbered 5816 dated 25/7/1951 and the Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works and the decree on Industrial Rights numbered 551, 554, 555, 556.

No one can be declared guilty on GSS pages unless there is a judgment. Persons cannot be accused of slanderous nicknames and expressions. The right to reply and forgiveness from false publications/comments is respected; In such cases, the processes required by law are followed.

The private life of person cannot be subject to publications/comments unless there is a way of life that reveals the person’s open or closed consent on public interests.

Publications/comments that encourage or provoke violence, bullying and terrorism, adversely affect children, and promote hatred and enmity among individuals, communities and internationals cannot be made.

GSS has the right to change and update these terms and conditions unilaterally at any time without having to inform beforehand. For this reason, users/members should periodically look at this page where the terms and conditions of use of the site are regulated.

Although any information, statistical form and value on GSS website has been compiled from sources accepted in the framework of general practices, their accuracy and competence are not guaranteed by GSS in any way.

In order not to be subject to publication of the cases listed in the article content, comments made will be examined primarily by GSS and site employees. Comments deemed unsuitable according to the site employees will not be published on the site.

In any instance, if the cases listed in the content of Article 3 [???] come to the agenda, the user/member who provided and entered the comments is responsible for the comments and GSS is not responsible.

GSS reserves the right to immediately unpublish and/or suspend/terminate the user’s membership if an interactive comment detected that does not comply with the laws and publishing principles. GSS may provide information about comments, which possibly violate the law and the people who wrote them to the competent authorities.

Records of transactions performed by users/members can be kept, subject to evaluations and processed for the period determined by GSS. The users accept, declare and promise that they knowingly allow the practice mentioned above.

GSS is not responsible for any damages that may occur in the computer hardware or other assets of users/members or any virus that may be caused due to access, use or download of any information and documents containing any sound, image, text from this site. Whereas; users/members will also not transmit any content that contains or is expected to contain viruses and/or other harmful elements to GSS.

The users/members accept, declare and undertake that they have obtained the necessary permission from the relevant rights holders regarding the content to be conveyed to GSS in order not to damage the personal rights, privacy rights and/or publishing rights or any intellectual and industrial rights of third parties as a result of uploading the said content.

The users/members will not advertise their own and/or 3rd parties, and will not prevent other users from accessing and/or using them [???] duly.

The ability of the users/members to download information from the system to their private computers depends on the fact that this transaction was carried out without profit and commercial purposes. Partial and/or complete printout of any page of the website can only be taken for personal use, without profit or commercial purposes.

Links on GSS website can take you outside the portal of GSS accepts no liability for the content, accuracy or function of these sites. These links are reported in goodwill and GSS cannot be held responsible for any direct, indirect, damage, loss, indemnity, any penalty that may arise from any changes and/or access to and/or use of those websites.